Dozens of new ICOs launch every month. If you’re interested in cryptocurrencies, how are you supposed to find out about new tokens worth your time and money?

You can turn to us. ICO Reports is a continuously updated, independently curated listing of upcoming and currently open ICOs. Our goal is to provide the conscientious ICO token purchaser with comprehensive information on the best ICOs out there.

Anyone can send us details about their ICO through the website form available under “Submit ICO.” Our team looks at whitepapers, company leadership and experience, roadmaps, available code, and plenty of other relevant criteria to pick listed ICOs. Projects that we think show particular potential will join our “Hot” shortlist.

Though style matters, we’re most interested in ICO substance. Projects who provide plenty of solid information about their technology and blockchain experience are more likely to pass our screening than ICOs who rely on flashy marketing.

We offer multi-tiered sponsorship opportunities for companies who pass our initial screening. To find out more, click on “Advertise.” We value transparency, so we’ll always label sponsored ICOs in our catalog and emails.

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