ICO Review: Tanibox

ICO Review: Tanibox

Tanibox is a blockchain-based AgTech platform. Their goal is to have a more productive and sustainable farming industry, which they hope enables farmers with the tools they need to operate more efficiently.

Their mission is to first and foremost help farmers by providing technology that is affordable, scalable for economic activity, and serving what they believe are three primary stakeholders: producers, partners, and consumers.

Although there has been some talk over how logistics or food tracking could work on the blockchain, what Tanibox is doing seems to be in a different area of sustainability. And with a token sale that’s at a cap of $360,000, here’s what we think of their whitepaper:

The Basics

The main issues that Tanibox points out for farmers include:

  1. Needing more capacity to grow food.
  2. Monitoring the usage of limited resources on their operations.
  3. Finding closer and easier access to farming supplies and distribution channels for their crops.
  4. Understanding the demand of high market-value crops and their geographical areas.

Furthermore, Tanibox also notes that farmers need to know their final production costs and treatments for certain crops as well.

The Tech

To combat these needs, Tanibox is developing FaaS, or farming-as-a-service, which is an ecosystem that provides an integrated solution for recording and displaying overall activity in the supply chain of agricultural producer-partner-consumer. Additionally, Tanibox also had developed a Farm Management System with an IoT device.

Tania: Farm Management System

Tania is a software that manages farm operational like crop production, including know-how of plant varieties, treatment, seasons to grow, and harvest times. Furthermore, farmers would be able to manage their working hours, finances, equipment, expenses, and income.

Use cases Tanibox has already seen Tania be able to perform include:

  1. Organizing work in conducting production activities in more measurable, faster, and more efficient to achieve higher productivity.
  2. Allocating resources, including limited natural resources and human resources.
  3. Gaining insights based on real data of their plantations, knowledge of production, distribution, and business.

Currently, crop production, basic activity management, and inventory management are what’s offered on Tania. However, Tanibox aims to provide other features as well, including:

  1. An analytics platform, where farmers can see essential data related to their business such as production cost, water/fertilizer requirement, and predicting the risk of crop failure.
  2. An e-commerce platform for farmers to purchase materials such as seed, fertilizer, and equipment.
  3. Finance management to keep track of expenditures, revenues, and taxes.
  4. HR management, where farms can manage their human resources.
  5. Device and machinery, where farmers manage their IoT device and production.

TERRA: Farm Computer and IoT Devices

TERRA is a hardware product line from Tanibox that includes:

  1. A Farm Computer, which is the core structure for their blockchain network to maintain data authenticity and security.
  2. An Agricultural Sensors Actuators, which is used to measure specific variables in crop production.

TRACE: Traceability Platform for Shoppers

TRACE is software that gives verified food and agriculture product information, including their producers, origins, attributes, and ownership. This is essentially the supply-chain tracking that many blockchains in agriculture companies have been aiming to do, only attached to a larger platform.

GRO Smart Planters

GRO Smart planter is a zero-effort gardening solution for urban gardeners. It uses a water-efficient hydroponic method that suits smalls spaces, as gives different variations of growing based upon experience levels.

How They Plan On Using Blockchain

Tanibox lists out a couple of different uses for blockchain in their system, including:

Decentralized Ledger for Farm Business Operations

Tanibox is running on top of a distributed environment to ensure scalability. As they’ve seen concerns over privacy/security, data reliability, and effective computation process, blockchain seemed like a smart solution. However, a feeling of Tanibox is that current blockchain models are not scalable and a waste of resources and energy, hoping to replace that with a more resource-friendly technology that’s affordable.

TRACE Technology for End Consumers

As stated above, Tanibox hopes to enable transparency on the food supply chain from farm to plate.

What We Think

Tanibox is a token sale that practically seems like a no-brainer as they not only already have a product out, but people are genuinely using it. Off the bat, that reduces risk tremendously regarding market fit and development, with Tanibox looking at blockchain as the next step in their growth. This is a big reason they’re a little bit stronger than a lot of the food-supply chain ideas, as many of them only offer the tracking of production without much else. Plus, they make their use of blockchain succinct and to the point without floating around a bunch of ideas that may or may not get developed.

With a price tag of $360,000, Tanibox’s current round is a pretty honest number in comparison to what they’re trying to build and could be well-worth buying into. Overall, this seems like a pretty solid project with a sound foundation, timeline, and evaluation to consider.

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