UHIVE is a blockchain-based social networking platform. Its goal is to “take social media into a new era” by combining the technological capabilities of AI and blockchain with human psychology to deliver a unique, natural, and entertaining experience.

The goal for UHIVE is to be the first social platform with physical dimensions, which they believe will provide more common interactions of sharing media or comments on their page. Furthermore, they also aim to offer anonymity for people with their decentralized structure.

Aiming to raise a hard cap of $54,000,000, UHIVE has generated quite a bit amount of support thus far, looking to shake up the social networking landscape. Here’s what we think of their whitepaper:

The Basics

UHIVE notes that their vision is to revolutionize and lead the way for the future of social networks by offering advanced AI and blockchain technology. Their mission is to recreate the ultimate user experience and become the world’s most dominant social network.

UHIVE Physical Dimensions

UHIVE’s platform enables users to create and display their space with a digital physical location address in a world of infinite space available for occupancy. It will allow them to travel, maneuver, and explore spaces with a simple finger motion on their smartphone screen. Zooming out will enable users to view headlines or categories of interest, such as sports, music, news, fashion, etc. Zooming in will enable users to see specific communities of interest within each group.

Another aspect to the physical dimensions is how they plan to utilize it with marketers as well, which UHIVE notes marketers will be able to choose a space location which resides next to high activity areas. The hope is that a one-time payment for a strategic location will offer a lifetime of exposure. UHIVE also aims to deliver an evolved form of marketing where bloggers, influencers, and trendsetters are focused on influencing their audience to become buyers.

Human Psychology

Another aspect UHIVE notes is their consideration of human behavior and cognitive psychology. They started with the following steps:

  1. Organizing the space
  2. Defining fields of interest
  3. Prioritizing importance and size for display
  4. Excite and engage

In regards to fulfilling emotional needs and wants, UHIVE breaks down their categories as the following:

  1. Freedom (choice, speech, pursuance of goals/dreams, and breaking social norms)
  2. Success (earn money, skills/knowledge)
  3. Social (connecting, belonging, and leading)
  4. Luxury and Entertainment (wealth and travel)

Social Experience

As mentioned above, a significant portion of UHIVE’s platform is their idea of “space” and how people move along this location, going left/right or up/down. Furthermore, UHIVE also aims to be a hub for human interaction, being able to focus on discussions about anything, whether that be sports, technology, or even entertainment. Another aspect of this is including a self-sustained financial ecosystem, which is designed to let you buy things in the UHIVE social network, as well as buy ads.

Grey World

Grey World is the discovery space of UHIVE. A completely anonymous world, users are encouraged to create their space anywhere without limitations. Additionally, no one can find it unless you share your location. The goal of Grey World is to give those that are into niche communities to connect while remaining somewhat anonymous.

The Tech

UHIVE gives an overview of the technical elements of their platform, including:

Application Backend

The application for UHIVE will be based on Amazon AWS backend for security, durability, and fast global performance.


UHIVE aims to keep their UI intuitive and straightforward for users.

Artificial Intelligence

UHIVE aims to include a few different AI applications, including face detection technology, as well as object detection technology for when users upload photos. Additionally, UHIVE’s AI will include video streaming and video analysis, which give you:

  • Object, scene, and activity detection.
  • Facial recognition and analysis
  • Celebrity recognition.

UHIVE also wants to include unsafe content detection for photos, videos, and posts.

Finally, UHIVE is also planning on implementing a sentiment analysis, as well as behavior analysis and detection.

Hybrid Blockchain Mode

The model for UHIVE will be a hybrid blockchain that allows users to be completely anonymous by paying a small fee using the UHIVE Token. The fee will cover the network costs of storing data within their system.

Our Thoughts

For a blockchain social network project, UHIVE could be an interesting prospect. They seem to place a heavy emphasis on certain principles that might be useful, such as anonymity and being able to connect via categories. However, with a lot of these projects, the idea of a blockchain social network often begs the question: why?

When approaching a crypto project, one of the first things you should ask yourself is “does this project need to be on the blockchain?” Other than the idea of anonymity (which can be achieved other ways), there’s not a lot there that would suggest this is project couldn’t live without the blockchain. After all, when it comes to onboarding, you need to explain to people why they need to buy this coin over using traditional currency, as well as why this coin is useful in this ecosystem. That’s a lot of steps, which is equally as important to address.

Overall, while UHIVE seems like a cool project, it’d be good to see a little bit more on what exactly putting their platform on the blockchain will do and how onboarding will work. However, if you’re a fan of blockchain social platforms, then UHIVE isn’t a bad suggestion.

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